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Network Rail now publish the National Timetable online using pdf files for each timetable, easiest to obtain through the zip file of all of them at 84Mb. The National Timetable home page is here and navigation is by regional ('route') folders here (80kb) while the stations index page (1Mb) will give the table number(s) for each station. Unfortunately the station index does not hyperlink to the tables directly.
This page contains a selection of alternative navigation options for these files. It should be noted that the published timetable is subject to amendment by both supplements, linked on the National Timetable home page and by short term engineering works.
The National Timetable is also still available in printed format from several publishers. The TSO version of the timetable, the closest to the old Network Rail version, is available from all station WHSmith bookshops around the change date. Beware though, several shops still have them over a year out of date. Middleton Press produce 'Rail Times' which is printed smaller to make a more portable book and is revised more frequently.

Network Rail also now give access to the full working timetable.

All files are Adobe Acrobat pdf files, download the reader using this link if you do not have it already. The speed and performance of Acrobat Reader can be improved, at the expense of some functionality that you will never miss, by removing many of the plugins, see this tutorial & FAQ.
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Manual Navigation

If you know the timetable number required, or want to create your own links, the file location is of the form:[AREA]%20route/table%20[number].pdf always with 3 digit table numbers, so there are leading zeroes for the lower table numbers. Table 11 is therefore 'Table 011' with a space or %20 code

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