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The Class 309 farewell tour

15 January 1994 by 626/624/602.
626 at Ely during the 1994 Farewell tour 602 at Southend Victoria during the Farewell tour 1994 626 at Liverpool St after the Farewell Tour
Ely Southend Victoria Liverpool St 10

The last day's Clacton services

22nd January 1994 by 613/616/626.
626 on the 1200 Clacton - London Liverpool Street platform indicator 626 on the last departure, 1800 London - Clacton 22 Jan 1994
Clacton Liverpool St last departure Liverpool St last departure
626 on the last departure, 1800 London - Clacton 22 Jan 1994 626 arrived at Clacton 22 Jan 1994
Liverpool St last departure Clacton the last service arrival

The Manchester - Clacton tour

13 May 2000 by 616/617/623

The headboard
616 approaching Watford Junction Approaching Stratford at Channelsea Jn 616 leading the train around Carpenters Road curve Stratford
Watford Junction, arriving from Manchester Stratford Channelsea Jn Stratford Carpenters Rd curve
617 At Liverpool Street 623 ready to leave for Clacton 623 at Clacton, photo courtesy of a friendly local mountaineer
Liverpool St Liverpool St Clacton, with 309's again
623 at Clacton 623 passing Clacton Box 616 beside Clacton Depot building
Clacton Clacton Clacton
309's in Liverpool Street Platform 9
Cabs at Liverpool Street
616 in a platform lineup
Liverpool St Liverpool St Liverpool St
The return trip approaching Colchester 616 at Liverpool Street in the evening Graham Road Curve
Colchester Liverpool St Hackney Graham Road curve

Page 1 for photos from the GE years

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