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Simsig is a pure signalling simulator that is also free to use. The main areas covered are the west of England (Didcot/Swindon, Bristol, Westbury and Exeter) and northeast of London (Liverpool St, North London Line, Kings Cross, Cambridge, Peterborough) although several other simulations are available. The timetable editor included as well as network play has lead to an active user community. See the Simsig website for more details and downloads As part of this I have the following additonal timetables available:


Additional timetable for the Waterloo simulation, using the timetable of 17 January 2004. This was an interesting day for diversions with most of the 8 track route from Waterloo closed. All up services are concentrated on the up Windsor line, those from Wimbledon ran via East Putney, whilst main line services from beyond Woking ran via Staines.
To install, unzip into the Waterloo directory, e.g.
C:\Program Files\SimSig\Waterloo
Download for Waterloo 17-1-2004.

North London

Additional timetable for the North London simulation, a ficticious timetable based around 1991. Several of the interesting services which have run on the North London over the years have been added to the real 1991 passenger and 1994 freight timetables. This is for the later NLL simulation version 2.102.
To install, unzip into the NLL directory, e.g.
C:\Program Files\SimSig\NLL
Download for North London 1991.

Kings Cross

This is a relatively simple timetable using the 1964 passenger timetable under 1990's operating conditions of primarliy unit trains. As such it is suitable for a single player to use to gain familiarity with the sim before trying the more advanced timetables.
This is currently under production aiming for the Derby meet 29 November.

Explanation of how this timetable will work and the compromises made to allow 1964 to run on the modern layout in a simple form

Timetabling notes
Step by Step SimSig timetabling
Clive's advanced 'programming' style timetabling approach

Timetable materials
Table 1
Table 2
Table 6 page 1
Table 6 page 2
Table 6 page 3
Table 7
Table 8

Linking Workings and adding Headcodes
Main Line trains
Outer Suburban trains
Suburban being done on the day

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