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Trackattack Signalling Simulations

This GENSHEET page is about one of the earlier signalling simulations available, although not particularly well known, TrackAttack.

Below is a portion of the screen taken from the Perth simulation showing the Dundee station area .

In this you see a train waiting to enter Dundee from Perth, an 1156 departure waiting in the carriage sidings and a freight train 'FREE' within the west goods yard.
The sims have variable clock speed from 10% to 400%, save and reload, and round the clock running. Light engine movements and in some cases servicing appear in higher level simulations, or can be added using the timetable editor. The aim is simply to keep things running on time, and not locking up trains in yards.
The timetables supplied are not 'real life' and generally run with more trains than expected, especially in quieter areas and for night time freight. However real timetables can be written using the editor programme and these do run fairly well.

A selection of alternative timetables is offered below, these have been compiled using the timetable editor and are based on real passenger timetables.

Getting going on recent MS Windows versions

The simulations were written in 1994 and intended for DOS as a full screen 640 x 480 pixels. Although modern HD LCD screens cope quite well with 640x480, running DOS sims can be a problem with MS Windows after Win XP, needing to use DOSBOX or similar such as DFENDR. Additionally Trackattack needs to run as a full screen, whereas some sims run as DOS windows using DOS fonts, at least for Win7. The guidance below is for DOSBOX

1 - Download DOSBOX and install
2 - Put your DOS games somewhere easy to find. A new folder C:\DOS is a good place - or if you have a second hard drive D:\DOS is better
3 - Make a new folder C:\DOS\TRAKATTK and copy Trackattack files into it
4 - Any other games you do similarly, so you'd might want C:\DOS\SIAM etc

Run DOSBOX - double click icon or find it in windows start menu
After the 'Z' on the DOSBOX window type:
mount c c:\dos
hit enter key
[if the games are in D:\DOS, you type: mount c d:\dos instead]
[this makes dosbox use the folder where you have your games as a virtual old PC]
Screen shows this:

Drive C is mounted as local directory c:\dos

After the C:\> type:
hit enter key
[this will list the directories of games - so at least showing trakattk]
Screen shows

Directory of C:\.
.        <DIR>
..       <DIR>

hit alt+enter keys together
[Should go to full screen now - same keys to get back]


hit enter key

[Trackattack should now run as it used to]

To exit, hit ESC enough times to close trackattack
Once back to

hit enter key
This is because when running the DOS window the mouse will be captive inside the DOS window, so you cannot get 'out' to click the close button.
There are various automations you can use to do all this for you.

Passwords were issued per user for all their purchases. As long as you have your old password for any one year the passwords for subsequent years can be calculated. for more assitance.

Download samples & help files

Demonstration Downloads, includes 'City' and Battleships 157kb
Signalling help file
Trackplan help file

Downloads of additional timetables

Timetable for Kings Cross This timetable is for the Kings Cross simulation and is based on the passenger timetable for 2004. Some modifications have to be made as the real timetable includes trains combining or dividing. The freight timetable is enhanced but includes all trains that ran. The mail train service is as run in 2003 Start times suggested are 0000, 1000, 1500. These have been verified as not having any starting position hangups. Most other times do have a startup problem, or have lost a lot of trains.

Timetable for Euston This timetable is for the Euston simulation and is based on a mixture of timetables. The main lines passenger timetable for 1991 and faithfully followed, giving significantly more ECS moves to the Wembley carriage depot than the original timetable. The DC lines are running to 1985 and West London services are running as per the 2001 timetable. Cross country is run as it's peak with WCML trains as well as a service via Willesden SW sidings to Reading and the European. Freight is entirely fictional and is slightly reduced from the original timetable. No particular startup problems noted with this simulation.

Timetable for Euston The same timetable as above but without push-pull operation on long distance services, and one per hour loco-hauled Northampton trains. No particular startup problems noted with this simulation.

Timetable for Exeter This timetable is for the Exeter simulation and is based on the passenger timetable for 1991. Freight is entirely fictional and runs at a high level to provide more to do.
Start times suggested are 0000, 0500, 1100, 1500 and 1900. These have been verified as not having any starting position hangups. Starting at 0600 places trains in inappropriate platforms and should be avoided. Other times may miss out one or more of the special workings in this timetable.

Timetable for Preston This timetable is for the Preston timetable and uses the passenger timetable for summer Saturday 1964. There are a few freight and mail services which are fictional. Suggested start times are 0100, 0700, 1300 and 1900 although no times have errors on startup. Read the file inside the zip for more guidance or download this pdf file with those notes and more historical background and maps
Notes & Installation Instructions
Copyright on Trackattack software lies with Trackattack.
These files are alternative timetables and it is only this work that should be attributed to the author(s).
These files have worked on the authors' PC and the version of Trackattack simulation that they use. No further warranty is offered.
A 'perfect score' is not guaranteed as being possible, certain start times may result in delay minutes being accrued by trains being in the wrong positions. these are noted where known.
Advice of any problems however is welcomed.

To use the files unzip them, they contain a readme.txt file and the two timetable files timetest.tak and timetabl.tak
Make a new directory under the appropriate simulation called USER1000 or similar:
Place the files timetabl.tak and timetest.tak in this directory.
Run the simulation and select USER1000 instead of the factory timetable in the 'Top Level' menu
You will be prompted to allow the 'factory' files (start conditions) to be created.
You are now ready to start a run in the 'Simulations' menu.

For additional help

List of Trackattack Signalling Simulations

Where a link is given this will show a screen grab of the simulation area
Name Area
NOTTINGHAM Station plus Ratcliffe PS, Trent and Toton Yard
KINGS CROSS Terminus, sidings, connections to north London and stations out to New Barnet
PETERBOROUGH Peterborough to Grantham and Peterborough yards
DONCASTER Station and yards plus local collieries Harworth, Markham & Rossington, Doncaster works and Hexthorpe - Bentley avoiding line
ST PANCRAS - RADLETT Stations from St Pancras to Radlett, Cricklewood yards and Redland aggregates
EUSTON - WATFORD JUNCTION Euston station, Willesden Wembley yards and Watford Junction
RUGBY Rugby station yards and cement works. Long Buckby
COVENTRY Coventry station, yards and colliery. Tile Hill and Canley
BIRMINGHAM NEW STREET New Street Station, lines to Birmingham International and Water Orton Junction. Numerous yards on the Derby lines.
STAFFORD Stafford station area and lines to Norton Bridge, Penkridge and Colwich Junction
CREWE Crewe station area and Yards. Both loco depots and BREL works.
PRESTON Preston and Lancaster stations, Preston Yards and Docks, Blackpool branch to Kirkham.
CARLISLE Carlisle station and line to Gretna Junction. Yards and military depots at Kingmoor and Upperby.
EXETER Exeter stations, lines to Honiton, Crediton & Teignmouth. A lot of single line and also the Dawlish sea wall reversible signalling.
WATERLOO - CLAPHAM JUNCTION Mainline and international terminal and lines to Clapham Junction. Includes Victoria Central platforms at Clapham and West London line junctions
BOURNEMOUTH Brockenhurst and Lymington Branch to Poole
LONDON VICTORIA Victoria to Brixton (SE side) Clapham (South London line) and Clapham Jn (SC side), Victoria carriage sidings
PERTH Perth and Dundee stations and yards, lines to Pitlochry & Ladybank. Quite a bit of single line to work.
CITY Ficticious location, not dissimilar to St Pancras, with passenger and freight yards. A special version can be downloaded here
TIMETABLER This programme allows the editing of timetable files for the simulations. Engine changes can be added to lower price simulations.

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